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The Artist Marcapiano arrives in the world of NFTs and blockchains introducing, in parallel to his own traditional artistic production, unique digital works of art with certified authenticity.

The “Phygital” launch of the first limited edition of 5 NFT Marcapiano will act as a bridge between the Marcapiano physical and digital world: by purchasing an NFT it will be possible to receive an authenticated sunglasses from the exclusive Marcapiano Edition Capsule Collection, consisting of only five Zen Sunstyle sunglasses entirely hand painted by the artist. A unique and unrepeatable Marcapiano work of art, authenticated and certified by the NFT correspondent, to allow yourself the luxury of wearing and experiencing art every day.



INTESA NFT Marcapiano




Marcapiano is always open to new challenges and a few months ago he approached the digital world of

NFT (Non Fungible Token): a special token that can act as a deed and certificate of authenticity written on the blockchain of a unique physical or digital asset, the whose security is guaranteed by encryption. 

Marcapiano has traditionally made five ink works, each of which is was subsequently digitized and converted into a 3D artwork. It originates from here the First NFT Marcapiano Collection, for sale on the Opensea platform (

Thanks to the meeting between Marcapiano and the Zen Sunstyle brand, a new “Phygital” project is born, aimed to create a bridge between the physical and digital world of NFTs.

Marcapiano interprets, with its own style and language, an exclusive Capsule Sunglasses Collection MARCAPIANO - Limited Edition - of only five Zen Sunglasses handpainted, which will be combined with the first five Marcapiano NFTs. 

Zen Sunstyle is a high quality eyewear that interprets the elegant / minimal style linked to world of boats.

The frame is in bamboo wood, light, resistant to atmospheric agents and eco-friendly.

Polarized lenses are characterized by a special coating which, while reducing the reflections of the sun on the surfaces guarantee perfect visibility even in the presence of very intense light, on a boat or on the snow.

The unisex model and invisible elastic hinges guarantee a perfect fit of the sunglasses for everyone.

The intrinsic nature of wood and the non-industrial "handmade" construction finally makes each eyewear unique and unrepeatable, for the different shades and streaks that characterize it. 

On five Zen Sunstyle sunglasses Marcapiano has created an exclusive freehand work, using indelible inks and a certified non-toxic protective to ensure inalterability of the work over time, for a capsule collection by an exceptional author.

Even the case, an elegant bamboo box, is personalized with a unique drawing done with black ink made by Marcapiano.

So here is something unique and exclusive, to offer the possibility of wearing a work art signed by Marcapiano and live it every day. "Art to wear" therefore to experience art not only in museums or art galleries, but also outdoors with sophisticated eyewear. 

The guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity of each eyewear is given by the combination of each eyewear to the corresponding NFT Marcapiano.

Those wishing to purchase this exclusive eyewear will find all the information on the website

by purchasing a Marcapiano NFT you will receive the matching eyewear of the collection.

For more information or technical support write to and you will be guided step by step in the purchase.

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