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Marcapiano is an Italian Artist  who has created a new artistic genre, defined  "Abstract Figurative Animated ©".

He starts to draw and to paint without any academic guidance or reference to any artistic schools and he customizes all the most important art techniques (oil on canvas, indian ink, engraving on glass and wood, watercolor, sculpture), making them unique and traceable to his unmistakable style.

These works show his hand as being extremely precise and sure, able to depict even the smallest of detail; an imaginative mind always looking for topics of great complexity and uncommon sensitivity. Key elements these, that stimulate the Artist to constantly experiment on his own new techniques applied on different materials.

Innovation, versatility, recognition, technichal-executive quality, aestetic sense, perfect balance of lines and colors, combined with his great transmission, are the key elements that characterize Marcapiano’s artistic work.

His strong sensitivity allows him to paint even what is not seen and wich he perceives; for this reason he is often defined “Portraitist of Soul”.

Marcapiano exhibits in Italy and abroad, partecipating in international artistic events, art biennials and awards. He wins numerous international awards for drawing and painting.

The elegance and refinement of his creations quickly made him an interesting artist for the world of luxury and his works are often requested for luxury events and to set up villas, yachts and superyachts.

For this contexts he also creates customized works with colors, themes and sizes that blend perfectly with the environment.


Abstract Figurative Animated

Marcapiano’s works, regardless of the artistic technique used, can be traced back to the genre he has ideated

"Abstract Figurative Animated ©".

In fact, at first reading his works seems abstract, but, with a closer and deeper observation, they can be seen as figurative, because it is possible to find inside real or fantastic figurations.

Any interpretation depends on the sensitivity and imagination of each person.

The peculiarity of this kind of art consists also in the dynamism of Marcapiano's creations, because the viewer begins to see stories and tales in his paintings, with three-dimensional implications.

The animation of his art touches a lot of other components, which also affect the psychological, experiential and interpretative aspects of each person. In fact, there are infinite facets of our personality and different experiences that affect our lives: this is reflected in a variety of interpretations that offer ever-changing perceptions of his works, as if in his paintings the artist had added a fourth dimension, the time. In this way Marcapiano involves us directly in his works, making creators ourselves in the first person and helping us to unleash the creativity and expressiveness that characterizes us.

Another animation of Marcapiano's works is seen in the rotation of his paintings in the principal directions, each of one shows a new framework, with subjects and environments continually changing.

In conclusion, the peculiarity of Marcapiano refers not only to technical and executive skills, but also refers to his ability to transform every emotion into movement, color and art.

CAMALEONTE - olio su tela - 30x40 cm - 2


main direction



upside down direction

CRESCITA - olio su tela - 40x50 cm - 2009


main direction

CRESCITA capovolto - olio su tela - 40x50 cm - 2009


upside down direction


Marcapiano realizes his works with different techniques: oil on canvas, ink, engraving, watercolor, sculpture.

Each creation is made directly on the chosen support without creating a preliminary sketch and exclusively freehand, thus excluding the use of rulers, compasses, curvilinear.

His peculiarity consists in customize all these techniques, now widespread in the artistic world, generating interest, amazement and admiration in any type of viewer. The genre, the techniques and each work created by him are copyrighted by Washington and deposited at the SIAE (OLAF section) in Rome. Each work is numbered and cataloged as a unique piece in an archive, because each subject and painting are unrepeatable.

Oil on canvas

Marcapiano creates nuances and colour directly onto the canvas with an overlap of several colours that first produce a "smooth effect" and then a "ripple effect", separated by a line, which is specific to this artist.

These effects, caused by the use of various brushes and a particular and careful processing of colour, give rise to a frequent changing of shape, colour and pleasing reflections that turn on and off in a continuous motion, creating an harmonious play of light.

Marcapiano is the first artist that has invented this unique and particular technique and represents a major innovation in the art world. This elaborate and complex technique requires extreme precision and an incredibly skilled hand.

Indian ink

Marcapiano's hand moves with agility and relentless determination, drawing segments and curves that intersect in the most imaginative ways to create a texture of solids and voids in a continuous and infinite variability in the traits and subjects.

The artist uses monochromatic and polychromatic indian ink, offering stylish and contemporary effects in shades of black, white, blue, brown, purple, gold and silver on backgrounds of various kinds. Each drawing is made entirely by hand, in an instinctive manner without prior sketches. Looking closely at each of his works you will be astonished by the precision and extreme cleanliness of each line drawn.

The artist continues to evolve and improve his technique until you get to design nuanced indian inks (January 2013).

Engraving with a diamond point

Marcapiano juggles with diamond tips of different thickness and hardness to effect a complex and elaborate combination of lines, curves and circles on fragile glasses and crystals, where the minimum pressure may irreparably compromise the conclusion of the artwork.

In 2008 he began making his first engravings on fine glass vases and crystal goblets, but the applications of this technique are endless. In 2012 he made the first series of engravings of colored satin glass. As the indian inks and the oils on canvas, this technique is performed directly on the glass without any prior sketch. Engravings make Marcapiano an eclectic and versatile artist, that is able to realize his artistic genre in the most varied ways and on different media.

Engraving on wood with pyrographer


Marcapiano engraves on wood with the pyrographer always remaining faithful to his style, enhancing the knots and veins present in the support so that they are an integral part of the work.

In fact, for the artist, nature is the highest artistic expression that touches perfection and, as such, must be valued and respected.

Furnishing accessories


In 2008 Marcapiano began making his first engravings on fine glass vases and crystal goblets with a diamond point, choosing different art objects with a particular design (vases, glasses, lamps,…).


It is incredible how he creates the artistic compositions completely freehand and without sketches, adapting them perfectly to different supports, always maintaining his harmonious, elegant and refined style.


Marcapiano creates sculptures in alabaster, marble and sandstone starting directly from the single block and using only the chisels.

Subsequently he approaches the world of foundries and bronze sculpture, creating various plaster sketches and working them instinctively without any project before, as he usually does in every technique he creates.



2009 – Villa Bortolazzi – Vattaro (TN) – Italia
2009 – Spazio Pretto – Trento – Italia
2010 – Banca Mediolanum – Trento – Italia
2010 – Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia
2011 – Galleria Tu&l’Arte – Padova – Italia
2011 – Palazzo Comunale – Arzana (Nu) – Italia
2012 – De Galeriet – Delden – Olanda
2012 – Palazzo Comunale – Tellaro – La Spezia – Italia
2012 – Spazio Olimpia – Artecultura – Brera – Milano – Italia
2013 – “Anime Risonanti” – Spazio Oberdan – Milano – Italia
2013 – “Astratto, Figurativo, Animato” – Corso Venezia – Milano – Italia
2014 – “Labirinti Ideali” – Palazzo Trivulzio – Melzo (MI) – Italia
2014 – “Libere Espressioni” – Spazio Soderini della Provincia di Milano – Milano – Italia
2014 – “Milan Design Week 2014” – Fuorisalone del Mobile – Milano – Italia
2014 – “Armonie Incantate” – Galleria Marcapiano – Trento – Italia
2015 – “Viaggio nell’ Anima” – Trento – Italia
2015 – “Profumi” – Centro Storico – Ravenna – Italia
2016 – Spazio Marcapiano – Gardolo – Trento Italia

2017 – Galleria Marcapiano – Trento

2019 – Sala delle Grasce – Pietrasanta – Italia

2019 – NAG Art Gallery – Pietrasanta – Italia

2019 – “Armocromia: arte e moda, un viaggio nel colore” – Palazzo dal Lago – Cles (TN) – Italia

2020 – 60° Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova – Esposizione delle opere Marcapiano sugli

            Yachts Sanlorenzo.

2020 – Galleria “Pianeta Azzurro” – Pietrasanta – Italia

2021 – Galleria “Pianeta Azzurro” – Pietrasanta – Italia

2021 – 61° Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova – Esposizione delle opere Marcapiano sugli

            Yachts Sanlorenzo.



2011 – Artisti in Mostra – Parma – Italia
2011 – Biennale di Chianciano – Chianciano (SI) – Toscana – Italia
2012 – Biennale di Venezia ( finale) – Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Torino – Italia
2012 – Biennale di Londra – Gagliardi Gallery – Londra – Inghilterra
2012 – Dono dell’Umanità – Palazzo della Regione Lombardia – Milano – Italia
2013 – “Il Segno Inciso” – Galleria Arte Arte – Mantova – Italia
2013 – “Luxury in the World” – Palazzo Giureconsulti – Piazza Duomo – Milano – Italia
2015 – “Kreativ” – Centro Fiere Bolzano – Bolzano – Italia

2019 – “L’Arte come testimonianza: uno sguardo sui primi venti anni di questo millennio” – Palazzo Medici Riccardi - Firenze - Italia



2009 – “La folle giornata” ovvero “Le Nozze di Figaro” di W.A.Mozart e Marcapiano – Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia
2009 – “Marcapiano: arte e musica” – Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia
2009 – “Marcapiano e il tango argentino: arte e danza” – Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia
2009 – “Marcapiano e la musica barocca: parallelismi e analogie” – Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia
2009 – “…quando l’arte si fa poesia: lettura di poesie composte ispirandosi alle opere di Marcapiano ” –   

             Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia

2009 – Serata Jazz – Palazzo Lodron – Trento - Italia
2009 – “Viaggio nell’arte di Marcapiano e musiche tratte da film ” – Palazzo Lodron – Trento – Italia
2013 – “Armonie Incantate, Emozioni Rivelate” – Sala Merini – Milano – Italia
2013 – Presentation of the book for Marcapiano “Bach, Escher, Vittadini, Marcapiano –

            Personalità rare, essenze comuni” di Riccardo Mazza – Sala Merini – Milano – Italia

2019 – “Incontro tra segno e colore” – a cura di Riccardo Mazza e Erica Broilo – Chiostro di S. Agostino  

             – Pietrasanta – Italia

2021 –  Serata dedicata al varo di un superyacht Sanlorenzo con l'opera "Indomito" di Marcapiano - Cantine Bosoni (SP)

Astratto Figurativo Animato
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