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Oils on canvas

Oil on canvas consists of spreading several layers of color on the canvas. In this way the artist creates the first nuances, which form the basis for the creation of the painting, thus defining a smooth effect. Subsequently, with the back part of the brush, he carries out a combination of straight or curved signs drawn instinctively, which constitute the so-called marking. Finally the most complex and detailed process: the addition of further layers of pure color that Marcapiano works meticulously and carefully with a very thin brush, mixing the colors spread on the canvas at different depths, thus creating unimaginable plays of light and color , also due to the "relief" processing of the painting which reaches its maximum expressiveness when observed from multiple angles. All works are done directly on the canvas  without using palettes for color preparation. Marcapiano is the first artist who invented this unique and particular oil technique (©) and represents a great innovation in the art world. This complex and elaborate technique requires a lot of precision and an extremely expert hand.

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